Easy Anti-Cheat For Linux

Easy Anti-Cheat is one of the popular anti-cheating solutions used by a number of Windows games.

Not too surprising given the Steam Deck is inching closer towards release and we've known Valve has been working to improve the anti-cheat situation for games on Linux, but today EAC owner Epic Games officially announced Easy Anti-Cheat for both Linux and macOS. Epic Games is now making EAC available for Linux and macOS. Plus they are also making it supported under Wine/Proton too. Epic Games announced on dev.epicgames.com that Easy Anti-Cheat will be available now for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Epic Games specifically mentions the upcoming Steam Deck launch. 

Epic Online Services exists to connect developers and players across all platforms, including the upcoming Steam Deck, and we’re excited to take another step in that direction. Earlier this year, Easy Anti-Cheat for Windows games was made available to all developers, for free. Today, we extend support to Linux and Mac for developers who maintain full native builds of their games for these platforms. To make it easy for developers to ship their games across PC platforms, support for the Wine and Proton compatibility layers on Linux is included.

Starting with the latest SDK release, developers can activate anti-cheat support for Linux via Wine or Proton with just a few clicks in the Epic Online Services Developer Portal. Easy Anti-Cheat is available for free through Epic Online Services on all PC platforms, helping all developers to uphold a fair and safe gaming experience for players on the operating system of their choice.

Linux and Wine/Proton support can be enabled with EAC's latest SDK release from the Epic Online Services Developer Portal.