Open-source Dropbox client


Maestral is an open-source Dropbox client written in Python.

The project's main goal is to provide a client for platforms and file systems that are no longer directly supported by Dropbox. Maestral currently does not support Dropbox Paper, the management of Dropbox teams, and the management of shared folder settings. If you need any of this functionality, please use the Dropbox website or the official client. Maestral does support syncing multiple Dropbox accounts and excluding local files from sync with a ".mignore" file.

The focus on "simple" file syncing does come with advantages: on macOS, the Maestral App bundle is significantly smaller than the official Dropbox app and uses less memory. The exact memory usage will depend on the size of your synced Dropbox folder and can be further reduced when running Maestral without a GUI.

Maestral uses the public Dbox API which, unlike the official client, does not support transferring only those parts of a file which changed ("binary diff"). Maestral may therefore use more bandwidth that the official client. However, it will avoid uploading or downloading a file if it already exists with the same content locally or in the cloud.


  • Never sync a local folder with both the official Dropbox client and Maestral at the same time.
  • Network drives and some external hard drives are not supported as locations for the Dropbox folder.


An app bundle is provided for macOS High Sierra and higher and can be downloaded from the Releases tab. This app Bundle is also package as a Homebrew cask. On other platforms, you can download and install Maestral as a Python package from PyPI or as a Docker image from Docker Hub. For more detailed information on the installation, setup and system requirements, please check the documentation.

The official Maestral releases are also available as Homebrew casks. If you have Homebrew on your system, you can install using:

$ brew install maestral

Please download and install the Python package from PyPI:

$ python3 -m pip install --upgrade maestral

If you intend to use the graphical user interface, you also need to specify the GUI option during installation or upgrade. This will install the maestral-qt frontend and PyQt5 on Linux and maestral-cocoa on macOS:

$ python3 -m pip install --upgrade maestral[gui]

A Docker image is available for x86, arm/v7 (32bit) and arm64 platforms and can be installed with:

$ docker pull maestraldbx/maestral

Run maestral gui in the command line (or open the Maestral app on macOS) to start Maestral with a graphical user interface.