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How ready are you for GDPR? Try our Spot the Mistakes game to find out. | Avast Business


5 malware attacks making the news | Avast

BMWs at risk of hacking

BMW is in the process of issuing security patches to drivers of its 2017 i3, 2016 X1 and 525Li, and 2012 730Li. The patches will cover fourteen newly-discovered vulnerabilities, four of which can be triggered only through physical connection to the car computer systems, while another four require USB connection to the car. The remaining six vulnerabilities can be exploited remotely. A diligent cybercriminal can gain access to the cars’ infotainment systems, T-Box components, and UDS communication. In light of the findings, BMW has embraced the value of third-party cybersecurity research, and they are working on fixes.

Spectre continues: Did we all trade speed for security? | Avast

For anyone in the cybersecurity industry, 2018 began on January 3rd — the day a trio of CPU bugs was announced. What trio? You probably recall Meltdown and Spectre, but from our perspective, the latter bug is really two for the price of one. While Meltdown and Spectre both got plenty of coverage in media outlets and security blogs around the globe (yes, that includes us, too), there’s an important distinction to make and more to say on this matter.

Are your SMB clients GDPR-ready? | Avast Business

A survey this month from International Data Corporation (IDC) found that less than half of European Union (EU) small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are prepared for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). For companies operating outside the European Union (EU), the percentages are roughly the same.  

Android devices ship with pre-installed malware

 Blog post and analysis by Vojtech Bocek and Nikolaos Chrysaidos 

When you get a brand new phone, you expect it to be clean from any malware and adware. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. The Avast Threat Labs has found adware pre-installed on several hundred different Android device models and versions, including devices from manufacturers like ZTE and Archos. The majority of these devices are not certified by Google.

GDPR is coming - here's why you don't need to panic | Avast

GDPR - the EU General Data Protection Regulation - is coming. It promises to change the way you and your clients process private customer data. It will apply in all EU member states from 25th May. And for the UK, it’s unlikely Brexit will make any difference as the UK government looks set to duplicate the regulation.

Zobrio views Managed Workplace as multi-faceted diamond for managed security | Avast

The Customer

Headquartered in St. Louis, with satellite offices in Illinois and Massachusetts, Zobrio delivers financial software, network infrastructure, and managed services to more than 650 local government, nonprofit, and business clients.

John Quatto, Zobrio’s Channel Partner Manager who oversees the company’s managed services business, explains the company’s unique differentiation: “Our familiarity with financial software and ERP solutions, along with our proactive approach to managed services, gives us a market advantage. Many of our financial services customers also have network and security needs in addition to the comprehensive fund accounting and cash management software we provide. This gives us the opportunity to deliver new services and build strong client relationships.”

Avast Mobile Security for Android put to the test | Avast

Cybercriminals have caught on. Our mobile devices are where it’s at. Personal info, bank accounts, passwords, important contacts — all this data is on our phones. And data today is more valuable than gold, which makes smartphones the new motherload. Realizing “there’s gold in them thar cells!” the cyber-underground targeted devices more than ever over the past year.

Public and personal best practices essential for a free internet | Avast

The Cambridge Analytica/Facebook scandal that has captured the media spotlight in recent weeks is a reminder that online security threats are amplified by the ever-expanding reach and power of the digital world. They may seem abstract and less urgent than dangers in the physical world, but their consequences are no less alarming. While I and many others have been talking about how to address them for a long time, I want to take this opportunity to underline the two main pillars of defense we can put up to protect ourselves, collectively and individually.

5 tips for ultimate online security and privacy | Avast Infographic

avast-ultimate-security-privacy-infographic-finalCybersecurity encompasses multiple defenses. It’s not just an antivirus, it’s not just a VPN, it’s not just a password manager, internet security, and anti-track software. It’s all these things and more, working together to ensure every vulnerability is protected, whether the threats are coming from a phishing email, a malicious website, a botnet, public Wi-Fi, or other avenue. Cybercriminals are trying every angle to crack into our data, and they won’t rest until they do. 

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