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Two chiefs, two approaches to digital transformation

Former Macedonian PM convicted in corruption case exposed by illegal government surveillance

London CDO: More groundwork needed to gain trust for data use

Why Kubernetes is emerging as a critical enabler of multi-cloud

Apple wins $539m from Samsung in latest iPhone patent case

GDPR may not be perfect, but itвАЩs an important milestone in data protection

Canonical founder calls out OpenStack suppliers for вАШlack of focusвАЩ on datacentre cost savings

GDPR puts people first, says ICO

Commitment is the watchword on GDPR D-Day

Computing curriculum shake-up canвАЩt happen in a single five-year parliamentary term, says panel

Stronger rules on data protection by EU institutions agreed

Security experts weigh in on GDPR checklists

How artificial intelligence is fuelling engine maintenance innovation at Rolls-Royce

From open clouds to open infrastructure: OpenStack's evolution continues

CW Nordics: Finland delays e-voting plan

EU cyber security agencies pledge to up cooperation

New UK Data Protection Act not welcomed by all

UK calls for new data-sharing model with EU

Unified comms bugbears may be easily solved with AI

Mobile fraud up 680% since 2015, RSA reports

Ќовости | —евастополь| Crimea-Karro

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